2022.01.18 賃貸物件紹介

留学生のためのお部屋紹介(Accommodation for foreign students at Hosei University)

外国人の方が日本で住宅を探す際、言葉の壁などで物件を検索することが困難であったり、契約に際しては連帯保証人を求められたりと、様々なハードルがあります。 留学生の方々の住宅探しをサポートするため、大学100%出資子会社、株式会社エイチ・ユーの提携会社による外国人向けの生活総合支援を行っている下記の会社を紹介します。









初回保証料:賃料合計の30% ※最低保証料20,000円

【英 語】


  • 賃貸住宅に問い合せサービス
  • 賃貸仲介サービス
  • お問い合わせ先




Foreigners looking for rental accommodation in Japan face various challenges, such as the language barrier, or finding a guarantor for their rental contracts.
In partnership with HU Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the university, the following company provides a full range of living support services for foreign students seeking rental accommodation.
If you are new to renting in Japan, please input your details and requirements at


◆Overview of Partner Company◆

 Global Trust Networks Inc. (GTN)


Services provided

Rental guarantee services (Please check GTN website for details)
When signing a rental agreement, you consign the guarantee to GTN (GTN acts as guarantor on tenant’s behalf). Special rates are available for overseas students at Hosei University.


[Fees for Consignment of Rental Guarantee]

Initial guarantee fee: 30% of total rent ※ Minimum guarantee fee 20,000 yen
Annual guarantee fee: 10,000 yen / year (applies annually, from second year onwards)


Telephone support for all your living requirements (in English, as well as other languages) is available to all users of our guarantee services (e.g. what to do with your electricity, gas or water supply when moving in or out of a property; how to sort out your trash for collection).

  • Rental accommodation inquiry services
  • Rental agency services
    A rental agency for foreigners provides support on finding property and accommodation, tailored to your requirements. (Agency fees may apply).
  • Inquiries
    If you are new to renting in Japan, please input your details and requirements at